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The Details

Talon is not your average cookie cutter pop artist. She credits her instantly addictive melodies to her musical background as a sax player and drummer. The sultry powerhouse grew up at the base of a mountain in Colorado where she fell in love with nature as a child. She started reading and writing music at a very young age. Though she was an extrovert growing she admits she didn't have big plans of becoming a singer originally. In fact, she struggled with anxiety and depression off and on for years, which is felt in her dark and sometimes moody lyrics. "My anxiety used to hold me back from a lot of things. I guess I was content being in the back of the room while performing. It wasn't until someone walked in on me singing when i thought I was alone that I even considered it! After a big move to CA, and overcoming some major health issues I found my voice and I've never looked back. Performing makes me feel alive in a way nothing else ever could, and has helped me come to terms with my anxiety and depression."

“Not only is she a talented musical force,
but she’s a lot of fun.”

                                                             - Huffington Post